Thursday, October 20, 2011

Call me MS. FIX-IT

Woowee I’m so proud of myself for successfully replacing my disgusting cracked iPhone screen :)  I definitely did not want to buy a new phone while I’m in Italy, and I didn’t want to pay anyone to fix the screen for me, so I did a bit of research.  Turns out you can get an iPhone glass screen+digitizer kit on Amazon for only $7.  SERIOUSLY.  Chump change for an amazing renovation.  If you ever crack your iPhone and want to do a DIY replacement, GO FOR IT.  It’s super easy and there are a ton of tutorials on Youtube :)  Honestly, you can learn anything and everything off of Youtube… it’s my education.  But really, after completing this DIY, I feel like I can do anything LOL.


The DIY screen replacement kit literally just came with a strip of paper that says: “we have a guide, but seriously just find a youtube video and learn.”

Inner workings of an iPhone.. so coooools

I put tape on the screen so the glass wouldn’t come off shattered, messy, & dangerous..

OUT with the old, IN the with new :)


HALLELUJAH moment when I saw the Apple come on :)  SUCCESS.


In loving memory of my old screen, I’ve reserved a special space on my wall :)


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